Sunday, 22 June 2014

microtwjc analysis 2. unique tweeters

When considering participants in #microtwjc, we can also measure the number of unique tweeters, tweeters who have not tweeter at a previous session. This allows a measure of growth of #microtwjc to new people. I have plotted unique 'new' tweeters over time for both the total tweeters and the engaged (n<1 tweeters per session) people. Again, both measures are different. But a major finding of this is that #microtwjc has continued to recruit engaged tweeters over the time. This is at a fairly constant rate, except for a couple of spikes. I've shown the cumulative growth of tweeters in the graph below. Total is growing at an average of 1.8 tweeters/session while engaged are growing at an average of 1.3 tweeters per session. Questions arising from this are: are these tweeters staying? What's the loss of engagement like? To do this I could plot tweeters per person per session. Let's try that. 

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