Sunday, 14 September 2014

cascade SMASH

As it was coming to the middle of summer I really wanted to make a summer ale; one similar to American pale ales, which are bitterly hopped with hops like cascade (the floral grapefruit-like ones), light textured and bodied but a bit sweet. For this I followed a standard pale malt + sweet crystal malt + lots of hops at early and late timepoints. No dry hopping was used. A standard ale yeast was used. This ale turned out pretty well and tasted like the usual Brewdog-kind of pale ale. Not the most creative but tastey.

Basic Information
Batch Name:cascade SMASH ale
Brewed By:Connor
Style:Standard/Ordinary Bitter
Batch Size:4.50 L
Boil Time:60 min
Initial Boil Volume:4.50 L
Mash Method:Steeped Grains
Brew Date:1/19/14

I was aiming for something greater than this:

Typical Style Characteristics (google APA for pictures)
Style:Standard/Ordinary Bitter (closest my program gets to an APA)
O.G.1.032 - 1.040
F.G.1.007 - 1.011
ABV3.2 - 3.8 (could be higher - 5%)
IBU25 - 35 (50)
SRM4 - 14°L

To achieve this I used these:
Malt Bill
Malt NameWeightPPGSRMType
Light Dry Extract0.50 kg1.0448.00Extract/Adjunct
Caramel/Crystal Malt - 60L0.10 kg1.03460.00Steeped Grain

Mash Rest Profile

Hop Bill
Hop NameTime AddedWeightAA%Type
Cascade (U.S.)60 min12.00 g5.8%Leaf Hop
Cascade (U.S.)20 min9.00 g5.8%Leaf Hop
Cascade (U.S.)5 min6.00 g5.8%Leaf Hop
Cascade (U.S.)0 min4.00 g5.8%Leaf Hop

Yeast Details
Yeast StrandQuantityAttenuationFlocculation
Safale S-04 Dry Ale7.5g60High

And the results were:

This is what I got:

Calculated & Measured Statistics
Calculated O.G.1.044 (72% Efficiency)
Calculated F.G.1.020 (60% Yeast Attenuation)
Measured O.G.1.050 (inf% Actual Efficiency)
Measured F.G.1.010 (80% Actual Attenuation)

comments: from this everything looked nice. The higher than predicted attenuation was worrying but no sign of contamination (might be because of difficulties in measuring the yeast out). I hit the ABV and IBU perfectly. On paper this was pretty good.

Two weeks in primary and then two weeks in secondary (lost some in transfer). Used 20g of sugar to prime in bottles.

Little sediment (probably because of secondary and no contamination). Maybe a little darker than I would have liked. This comes from the crystal maybe. Reduce it? There was chill haze when served from fridge. Don't do this.

Nice head, which dies away quickly. 'Simmer's away lowly during drinking.

Cascade hops and only cascade hops.

Sweet, bitter, hoppy.

Light and refreshing.

For next time: change crystal? Change hops? Centennial experiment.

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