Sunday, 18 May 2014

my weeks picks (18th May 2014)


my PhD supervisor,Paul Duprex,will be on TWiV today at ASM (2 p.m Eastern Time) Paul Duprex and Julie Pfeiffer speaking about their work on 18th May!" Livestream link here:

Two new anti Hepatitis C virus drugs reach the market this year sparking any to question if HCV will be completely controllable. Here's a nice rundown on the drugs and their costs:

The first case of MERS in the US was spotted in the last two weeks First case in the U.S.: Patient traveled from KSA to Chicago, then took a bus to Indiana  expect this kind of story to continue to appear. Looks like no real evidence of spread of disease but have to wait until incubation period has ran its course. 
science. For more info on MERS, specifically testing and the apparent increase in cases, read this interview with Christian Drosten, virologist-extraordinaire. MT : Great interview with Christian Drosten on

Another coronavirus that hasn't had as much interest in comparison to MERS but should: Concerns grow over deadly pig virus. Would be great if coronaviruses would just stop...  devastating to pigs and the economy. No risk to humans though.

This week, Boston City council announced their backing for the opening of the category 4 National Emerging infectious disease laboratory (NEIDL).  update: ordnance defeated, vote was 5 for ban, 8 against

Some lovely imaging work on Nipah virus transport of structural glycoproteins within neurons: live cell imaging of nipah virus glycoprotein transport in neuronal cells fascinating


Pfizer/Astrazeneca deal breaking continues to go on but what effect will it have on UK R&D? Pfizer and AstraZeneca "The Wyeth deal alone saw Pfizer scrap 19,000 staffers".

    and an ex UK soldier sues the Ministry of Defense over vaccine-induced disease 

Ex-soldier takes on MoD over vaccine. Gulf war syndrome

Two vaccine stories this week: Do newer vaccine overwhelm the developing immune system? Debunking an anti-vaccine claim: Giving so many vaccines overwhelms a child's immune system

The Glasgow Science Festival is coming up, check out here for information . come and see me there!

Sleep deprivation for personal/work gain. Where did it come from? Thomas Edison and the Cult of Sleep Deprivation


here's where I tried to make a porter/stout homebrew. It turned out OK.


One week ago I passed my Ph.D. viva, ending 3.5 years of supervision from Paul Duprex and Bert Rima. Thanks guys!

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